Beany Studio

Beany Studio develops and supplies various solutions based on future-oriented IT technologies. It was made to support a social charity work, the ALVABA project, with the revenues obtained by the process.

The environment, the earth, and countless children are suffering every day. For the desire to pursue a more convenient and comfortable life for human beings, many creatures are suffering and dying on behalf of us. Soon it will become a boomerang and return to us as greater pain.

We thought we could not prevent this situation. So we want to make the world where not only humanity but all creatures are happy together with the best efforts we can make so that we can protect many creatures of the future and even take back how the world used to be.

Even if creating this better world is beyond our power, we want to establish a minimum foothold so that living creatures can survive with alternative resources on alternative planets other than the Earth.

helped Orphans
saved Animals
saved Forests
created Characters

Work Process

Beany Studio develops and supplies a variety of solutions to support the ALVABA project activities.

Discover Idea
We pursue technology and future-oriented brainstorming in order to be a little help to make every life happy, or to be able to realize ideas in competition with companies that only care about their own interests and break the existing order and environment.
Design & Develop

We do not seek what is perfect. However, we strive to contribute in making everyone satisfied and in creating a happy world through our accomplishments. Though a better design and technology cannot bring happiness to everyone, we try to make them smile even for a moment, and do our best to gather these smiles to make a brighter world every day.

Deploy & Operate

Our products and services are provided to those who need them, and rather than seeking our own profit, we contribute in creating a happier world by sharing together. If all the processes in which our products and services are used to help others around us, our customers as well as people around them will also become happy, and this happiness may multiply.

ALVABA Activities

We always look around us to try and find something that will help us. In this world, there are more people who need help than people who try to help and exert an effort. We are working on these things through the ALVABA project.

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